How To...Raise Your Spirits

How to… Raise Your Spirits When They’re Low


This guest post is written by Deena, creator of the blog,I Am Confidently Me.  She is an educator and facilitator of conversation who provides actionable tools, resources, and products to teach others how to embrace and love themselves exactly as they are. 


I spent the last month going through a mix of emotions – stress, frustration, defeat – to name a few.  These are all familiar feelings to most of us.  The varying pressures of life were getting to me and it was bringing down my mood in a major way.  I allowed myself to sit in those feelings for a little while (as you’ll soon see in my first tip), but I did not want to stay stuck there, so I put in the work to do what I could to lift myself back up.

I recently wrote a blog post with my 7 Tips to Uplift Yourself When You’re Feeling Down, where I outlined exactly what I did to give myself a pick-me-up.  I will include the first two tips here, because they are a great starting point, and then I’d like to add some new ones that I’ve reflected on and chatted about with women in my community.  

If you can relate to having lowered spirits, then keep reading for ideas on how to raise them back up!

1. Give Yourself Grace

The first thing I remind myself of is that what I’m feeling is normal and that it’s ok to have days where I’m not 100% confident.  I don’t want to beat myself up for being human, so I give myself the grace to feel what I’m feeling and not make myself wrong for it.  That may mean sulking for a day or two, because that’s what my spirit needs at that moment.  I don’t let it last too long though.  Once I give myself the space to just be, then it’s time to raise myself back up.

2. Get Quiet and Journal

I’ve noticed that when I’m overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions, the best thing I can do for myself is to jot it all down.  It gets my energy out and helps me feel more at ease.  It’s important that I do this in a quiet space, free of distractions, so I can really hear myself.  Sometimes I’ll make a list of what is making me feel less confident, and dive in deeper on those areas.  Other times I’ll just do a free-write brain dump.  It helps to clear my mind and I often feel lighter afterwards.

**These were my two original tips.  To see the others, read my first post here, then keep reading below for new tips.**

3. Get Some Fresh Air

I was reminded of how much I enjoy using nature to heal when my colleague, Karen, commented on my page with her own tip about how she goes for a walk.  Even if you aren’t a super outdoorsy person, getting some fresh air and sunshine from a quick 5-10 minute walk or even driving around with your windows down will almost always have a positive effect on your mood.  I look forward to my evening walks with my dog because it is a peaceful time for me to listen to music, a podcast, or nothing at all (don’t underestimate the power of silence).  I’ve never come in from a walk frowning!

4. Listen to Something Uplifting

Adding on to the previous tip, I love listening to anything that is going to make me feel inspired or pumped up.  Music is an instant mood changer for me, so I can often be found blasting my favorite dance hits or belting to a powerful gospel playlist. I also love listening to podcasts during my commute to and from work.  I get a lot of motivation from the content that others put out into the world, and I play it in heavy rotation when my spirits need lifting.

5. Repeat Comforting Words or Prayers

My soror, Gwen, mentioned that she likes to repeat, “This too shall pass” to remind her of God’s strength when she needs it. That is such a powerful phrase to have in your pocket when you need instant comfort, and it reminded me that I too have a go-to set of prayers that I will quietly say to myself when I need to get back on track (one of my faves is The Serenity Prayer).  A similar concept is having a set of affirmations that you say to yourself each morning as a way to set your intention for the day or to fill yourself with truths you need to repeat until you fully believe them. Words are powerful, especially in repetition!

Remember, that we all have bad days.  It’s important to honor any sadness or less than happy emotions you have, and not make yourself wrong for feeling them, but it’s also important to pull yourself out of them so that you can carry on with life. Use the tips here and on my original postas guides for doing what works for you to get back up and move forward.  You can do it!

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