How To...Maintain Good Vibes

How To…Maintain Good Vibes

            One thing I have learned in this life is that energy is absolutely transferrable and in order to have good vibes in your life, you’re going to have to be around good energy. The more positive and more positive energy you project into this world, unfortunately you may begin to realize we’re living in a very negative world. So how do you balance your desire to maintain good vibes with the ever-pressing gloom that chokes us daily? That’s exactly what we’re here to discuss on this lovely #ThoughtfulThursday! 


1.     Find Peace

As you work towards maintaining your good vibes, some things may begin to surface and it’s imperative that you deal with them head on. In order to live in a world of peace, you’re going to have to deal with the things that threaten your peace. I know they may be difficult to deal with, but beloved you’ve got to do it. Take a few moments to deal with your struggles, build a self-care routine that works for you, and put your needs FIRST. The journey towards finding true peace (while a lifelong journey) is one that is the most rewarding! When you have true peace and joy in your heart, you learn to stop sweating the small stuff and you begin to seek out reasons to be happy. Embrace that search for the good in everything!


2.     Protect your Peace

Listen. We have to be real if we’re going to make real progress in this self-love journey, and what that means is understanding in order to maintain good vibes you’re going to have to actively work to protect your peace. With that being said, you’re going to have to fight those negative vibes that may be around you quite possibly on a daily basis. Very often when a pessimist and an optimist are in a battle, the pessimist will likely loose. Knowing this allows you to protect your peace by refusing to battle. For example, I am a person who actively looks for reasons to find the good in anything…I have a coworker who is the complete opposite. Now that I know this is his normal, I maintain my optimistic energy and when I recognize a battle is brewing I quietly excuse myself.

It will feel natural to want to convince pessimists to join the optimistic team, but you’re not going to do that by arguing with them. Keep protecting your peace and eventually they will begin to inquire how you’re able to find the good so often. You will begin to draw them closer to you because good vibes are absolutely magnetic…understand this is apart of the process. It’s okay to allow them to be in your presence but the moment you feel that battle brewing…RUN! Human beings are easily “trained” and the more you excuse yourself from negative conversations…they’ll begin to understand why. And because your energy is magnetic they will work to ensure you stop excusing yourself from negativity. 


3.     Do Some Spring Cleaning

If there is someone in your life who refuses to present good vibes in your presence…it may be time to do some spring cleaning in your life. I know everyone says “don’t burn bridges” but that’s a lie…if the bridge is detrimental it’s time to burn that bridge DOWN! I know the reason you’re not supposed to burn a bridge is because you never know who you may need, but if that connection is causing you pain, drama, and lack of motivation on a consistent basis…let me get the lighter for you!


4.     Take Inventory (The good…the bad…and the ugly)

I have learned there are 3 types of relationships you might encounter over time, yet all of them has a purpose in your life. The good relationships are the ones that encourage you, the ones you walk away feeling energized, and motivates you to grow daily. Those are the people you need to actively work towards spending more time around because they’re the ones who belong in your life and are possibly connected to your purpose. 

The bad relationships are the ones that drain you in every interaction and when you’re around them you feel your energy deflating. These are the people you need to put some distance between because you deserve to maintain your good vibes! The ugly relationships are the ones that bring harm to you in any way (financial, mental, emotional, and especially physical). These are the bridges you need to burn and do so quickly. Feel free to apply my favorite bridge burning method that I like to call “Block. Delete. Repeat.” 


5.     Live you BEST Life!

The best thing you can do is to commit to living your best life on a daily basis. If you’re going to maintain your good vibes, you’re going to have to put yourself first and make a commitment to yourself. Why? Because you really do deserve it! Take some time to truly understand what you “best life” looks like for you, and then begin to take steps create your life to match that!