How To...Hustle (The Legal Way)

So do me a favor, take a moment to think of all the things you’ve wanted to do, but somehow convinced yourself the idea was too big or too crazy to achieve. Yes that one too! And if I could be so bold, ask yourself why you felt like it was too big or too irrational for you to accept and chase after? (That’s where the true growth comes from…asking yourself the difficult questions).

1. Turn your dream into an action plan

Now that you’ve gotten your goals the next step is to create an actionable game plan with steps and deadlines for yourself to be held accountable to. Take the big picture and break it down into smaller steps that you can track as you go along and set realistic timelines to those goals. This is probably the most important part of hustling, you have to be realistic with yourself and holding yourself accountable to those goals you’ve set. If you can’t hold yourself accountable, share those goals with someone you can trust to push you in the direction of your goals. If you believe you can accomplish those goals, then you can and you will! Additionally, if you don’t think you can then you won’t, so be mindful of the internal self-talk you repeat to yourself.

2. Earn your sleep

You have your action plan now? Hopefully it’s written down, because if your memory is as bad as mine it has to be written! The next part is easy, if you’re committed to your hustle! Earn your sleep each and every day. Don’t just go to sleep simply because you’re tired or had a long day, go to sleep because you’ve done something to work towards your goals each and every day. This is where you put your actions behind your words and you will create momentum and traction behind your goals.

*Transparency Moment* I absolutely love sleep! So I understand how crazy that may sound to some of you! Additionally I work anywhere between 50-70 hours a week with an hour commute each way, so I get the difficult balance. And on top of work I coach cheerleading, active in my church, and an active part of my sorority so trust me I get it, time is limited! When you’re focused on your goals you have to decide what’s important to you and what you’re willing to sacrifice to make it happen. I was not willing to sacrifice all of the aforementioned activities so I had to cut back on my deep love for sleep and watching TV and ensure that every minute of my day is spent wisely. The choice is yours…results or excuses!

3. Focus on productivity

I have to acknowledge there is a difference between being busy and being productive, and you can stay on the productive side by planning your actions carefully. Don’t know how to get to the goals you have for yourself? Do your research and understand what it takes to get there by looking into what it took for others to get there. If possible, connect with a mentor who is willing and able to pour into you and guide you in the right direction. If you cannot find a mentor, be sure to do some heavy research and get the answers you need. In the world of technology, everything is at your hands with a simple Google search. Never allow yourself to provide excuses why you couldn’t accomplish something, “Do or do not…there is no try”. When I made the commitment to my hustle, I stopped allowing excuses to be an option for me and that is the very moment my journey really began.

4. Build on your results

If you are productively working on your goals every single day, you will begin to see the results pour in. Use those results to fuel you into the next set of productive actions you plan on taking. Some of my favorite feelings are clearing my “To Do List” and crossing goals off my list. It’s an amazing feeling to say the least and it only pushes me to continue in that direction. With each passing accomplishment I constantly ask myself “How can I push myself to be better?” That’s the key to continual progress, always looking for ways to improve and get better!

You should be consistently working towards self-improvement and with each passing accomplishment reflect on how to make it better. I want you to find the balance between celebrating your accomplishments (because they deserve to be celebrated) and pushing yourself to greater heights. After every workshop, speaking engagement, coaching session, video blog, and practically anything I do I take a moment to think on how I can do it better next time. I’m challenging you to do the same with whatever your hustle is…ask yourself how can I improve and move forward?

5. Just do it!

            There’s going to be a thousand reasons why not or why you should wait. “If you wait until you’re ready you’ll be waiting your entire life.” There comes to a point where you have to just DO IT! Ultimately you have to just get up and do it. Do not allow yourself to overthink or over plan because the plan will never be perfect, but your work ethic can be! Push yourself to greater heights and find a way to work on your goals every single day! I can tell what your goals and passions in life are by what you do, not by what you say you want to do.


            Don’t work yourself into an early grave, find balance and enjoy your rest as well. If you work hard you deserve to play (and rest) just as hard! I am so guilty of this and I have to be reminded by my best friend all the time. She reminds me to celebrate my wins and she reminds me to relax when necessary! Additionally, she is quick to remind me when I’m slacking and need to get refocused and I’m forever grateful for! Get you a life accountability partner like that in your life…it’ll change your LIFE!