How To...Chase Your Dreams

Lately I’ve had the pleasure of chasing my dreams and it’s a feeling I want everyone to be able to feel. Being able to walk in your purpose and having confidence that you’re making an impact on the world, that’s what life is all about! Far too many of us are unsure of what our true purpose is or even what our dreams are, let alone a true understanding of the impact we want to make on this world. When Beyoncé made the song “I was here” it reminded me that when we leave this earth it should be some positive proof that I was here. Now that I have discovered my true purpose I want to help you chase your dreams just as wildly!


1.     Discover your Dreams

For me it wasn’t until my 23rdbirthday that I even began to understand my true purpose and why I was placed here. I realized in that moment that in order to know my purpose I had to grow in my self-love journey. It took some intense alone time and real evaluation of what’s important to me and what comes naturally for me. I had to ask myself the questions: 

What do I enjoy? 

What am I good of? 

What does the world need more of? 

And the combination of those 3 questions has become my purpose and why I feel God has placed me on this earth. All of the hurt, drama, disappointments, and shame I’ve dealt with in my life…it all has purpose for the benefit of someone else. If you’re having difficulty discovering your true dreams it’s probably because there’s too much outside influence. Get quiet and get clear about what you are meant for. Turn off the tv, log off the social media, turn off the phone, and take a break from the opinions of friends/family. Sometimes the opinions of others influences our inner thoughts more than we realize and we can’t get clear about what we want because it’s drowned out by the opinions of others. 


2.     Stop Being Selfish

Crazy that I would say something like “stop being selfish” when talking about chasing your dreams. Right? Well not so much! When it comes to your dreams, it’s important to remember that the passions placed on our hearts are for the benefit of others. The struggles we go through are so that we can help others get through those very struggles, not just to keep them to ourselves. I learned this when I was helping someone understand how to help their daughter struggling with suicide. It was in that moment that I learned my hurt is worth it if it can benefit even just one other person. 

The longer you delay chasing your true dreams, the longer someone else has to wait for the benefit they’d receive from your gifts. A lot of times I don’t want to be as transparent as I am in my books, blogs, and vlogs…but I firmly believe that my willingness to be open and honest about my struggles will allow someone to feel a little less alone in their struggle. When people respond to my posts saying “I needed to hear this” or “this was for me” or even a simple “thanks for sharing”, it serves as my reminder that my gifts and dreams are not for my benefit but the greater good for others. 


3.     Get Focused and Organized

In order to effectively chase your dreams, you’re going to have to get focused and extremely organized. If you’re anything like me you understand that time is extremely limited and it’s going to take some creative time management to be able to chase those dreams. Getting focused means understanding what is a priority and having a sense of determination towards chasing those dreams. There are plenty of times when I don’t want to wake up early or stay up late but I understand that time is something you can never recuperate. Even when I’m doing something as simple as watching my favorite tv shows, I’m constantly thinking about what I could be accomplishing.

In order to balance many responsibilities, you’re going to have to get extremely organized about your time and energy. Both time and money if not managed properly will fly away from you without a second thought. Getting organized allows you to be strategic about the things that you’re wanting to accomplish. Even if it’s only 10-15 minutes, is there something you could be accomplishing in that time period? So what you can’t get the task done completely, but if you can make some progress towards something on your to-do list. 


4.     Find the Time

Far too often I hear people say “I just don’t have the time” or they look at all the things I’m actively involved in and question how I’m able to do so much as if I’m tapped into some exclusive technique. Well I’m here to tell you that the secret is quite simple, find the time! Everyone has the same 24 hours at their disposal, it’s honestly a question of what are you choosing to do with yours. You’d be surprised if you evaluated how much time you’re spending on social media, or mindlessly watching tv, or even how much time we spend doing absolutely nothing. This is all time you can be productively accomplishing SOMETHING! 


5.     Just Do It!

Really it comes down to whether or not you’re committed enough to just do it. You can receive all the encouragement and motivation in this world, but ultimately it’s up to you whether or not you’re going to do it and be productive. With that being said…what’s your answer?