How To...Be Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection: “The state, condition, or quality of being free from flaws or defects.”. 

Imperfection: “The state of being faulty or incomplete.” 

Today’s #ThoughtfulThursday is around the topic of How To…Be Perfectly Imperfect. In a world that idolizes perfection, I would like to encourage everyone to take the approach to embracing our imperfections. Embracing ones imperfections and acknowledging that they don’t exist doesn’t mean we stop pursuing self-growth and development. However, it does mean that we can let go of the self-inflicted pressure of maintaining a sense of perfectionism. Did you know that the 4 main causes of procrastination is 1. A fear of failure 2. Excessive perfectionism 3. Low energy levels 4. A lack of focus

So with that being said…let’s focus on how we can be perfectly imperfect!

1.     Know they self

The most important part of being perfectly imperfect is to have a true understanding of what your imperfections are. You have to understand which imperfections are worth improving and which ones you simply need to embrace. Over the years I have learned to embrace the imperfections that I have little to no control over and focus instead on the flaws I can very much improve upon. For example, I have no control over my skin complexion (yes light skinned girls have complexes too), my height, or the sound of my voice. However, I can control my financial management habits, I can control my size and shape with regular exercise, and I can control the progress in which I grow and develop. 

The better you get to know yourself, the better you’ll be able to determine what is within your control. Far too often we spin our wheels focused on things we cannot do anything to fix, instead we should be spending that time, energy, and attention towards the things within our control. The best way I can suggest in getting to know yourself is to spend time ALONE with yourself and ensure that it’s free from distractions. When I started my journey to getting to know myself, I locked myself in the room, no television, no phone, no sense of time, no music, or social media. Literally it was just me, my journal, my bible, and God. It was in that time that I learned more about myself then I ever could. 


2.     Tune out the voices of others

As you get clearer about your voice, you’ll begin to differentiate your voice from the voices of others. Very commonly, the voices of our parents, closest friends, and our inner circle contribute to our inner voice. How often have you said something and thought “That sounded exactly like [insert person here]”? Just a random funny, but how often is that voice your moms? Or is it just me who has that happen often? 

Once you begin to know the power of your voice you will learn to be confident in that and somehow learn to follow your voice. Alone time is important in understanding your voice and learning to tune out the voices of others. Sometimes you have to unplug from the world, turn off the phone, or do whatever it takes to tune out the voices of others. Once you find your inner voice (and have separated that voice from the voices of others), you have to begin to follow that voice strongly. 


3.     Self-love deep dive

“Love yourself girl or nobody will”. Even as I type these words they serve as a reminder that until we are able to fully and truly love ourselves, it’s virtually impossible to be perfectly imperfect. Stop beating yourself up over things you cannot control (or at all for that matter). This is something that I have to remind myself that it’s okay to be imperfect and understand that it’s my job to love myself…flaws and all. The closer I get to this ongoing accomplishment of self-love the more I fall in love with the flaws I used to hate. Additionally, I get clearer about the flaws I can improve upon and making progress in those areas increases my self-love and self-confidence. 


4.     Be kind to yourself

A huge part of self-love and embracing your imperfections will require being kind to yourself. It’s absolutely a work in progress and it will require a daily commitment, but at the end of the journey it will be worth it. There will be times when your flaws and imperfections seem frustrating and overwhelming, but as with any love story you have to be forgiving and kind to yourself. There may be times when you drop the ball, there may even be times when you misstep, and there will be times when you flat out fail. Understanding all of that, learning to be forgiving and kind to the most important person in your life is critical. 


5.     Live…Laugh…Love

In my opinion, this is absolutely the most important piece of being perfectly imperfect. Having a commitment to living your best life, laughing at every opportunity possible, and loving with all of your heart. This will also require living when it’s difficult to survive the bad times, laughing when you may want to cry, and loving even when it hurts to do so. In those moments, remember the beauty of being perfectly imperfect. Laughter is the best medicine of all times and personally it’s my drug of choice!