How To...Be Godfident

I wanted to take the time to share what I’ve learned on my journey to Godfidence, because I truly believe that has contributed to my progress and growth in a powerful way! Being Godfident isn’t about being cocky or being full of yourself, it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s about recognizing that you cannot do anything on your own, but as a child of God anything is possible! I do have to put a disclaimer out there, this blog is for those who believe in God and have an active relationship with Him! If that’s you, it’s time you walked with Godfidence knowing that God is fighting for you!


1.     Philippians 4:13 - “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


This is a verse that is so popular we tend to minimize the strength that comes with embracing the truth of it’s words. When we hear this verse, it feels like a cliché that we tend to take for granted. But I want you to really think about the words in this verse…read each word one at a time and take some time to reflect on the promise God is giving you in this scripture. “I (make it personal for yourself) can do ALL (this means big or small…absolutely anything) things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me (when I feel weak…His strength will kick in and take over for me!). What does this scripture mean to you?


2.     Isaiah 54:17 – “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”


So this is an interesting story for me that God has had to show me time and time again. There are numerous times I can list (particularly professionally) when people have tried to harm me, manipulate me, get me fired, and throw me under the bus…and time and time again God has removed them from my path and eliminated their ability to cause harm in my life. Sometimes we have to learn to stop fighting our own battles and allow God to fight those battles because he can end the war in a permanent way…and He will likely allow you to bear witness to it all.


3.     Jeremiah 29:11 - “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


This scripture is something I have to constantly remind myself of, there are so many times I allow life to overwhelm me feeling like I’m lost or not doing enough. What if I’m making a mess of my life, what if I waited too late, or what if I’m wasting my time? Knowing that God who controls all of the universe knows the masterplan for my life…it brings me comfort. I may not know how or when things are going to work out but I can trust that God knows and has a plan for my benefit…simply because I am His child!


4.     Romans 8:31 – “If God be for us, who can be against us?”


This is something worth really internalizing because at the end of the day we get so wrapped up in who’s against us and who’s “hating” on us…when really it doesn’t matter. If God be for me…the people against me won’t even survive in the end. One thing I need everyone to understand is that we all place too much energy on the opinions and thoughts of others, when we should be worried about self-improvement and focused on our goals and purpose in life. Once you’ve tapped into your purpose, you’ll begin to have a sharp focus on what you’ve been placed on this earth to accomplish.


5.     Romans 8:28 – “For we know that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”


This lesson was learned over the course of some year that the big things and the small…the good things and the bad…ALL THINGS work together for MY good! It may be difficult to recognize the potential good coming from the bad things happening to us, particularly when they’re in the middle. Or we may overlook the small things that later may have great significance because at the time they seem insignificant. But absolutely everything we experience in life has the ability to be used for my future benefit. One of the hardest lessons to learn was that good can come from some of the darkest times of my life, but they have. It took some time to be able to see the good that came from my “rock bottom” but looking back I understand that I need those experiences to show me my strength and help me find my purpose.



            If you’re able to commit these 5 scriptures to your memory and repeat them to yourself when you feel like you’re struggling, you’d be surprised how your perspective changes. If one of these verses resonates more than others choose it as your anchor scripture based on what you’re dealing with at the moment. Save it as your screen saver, write it on your mirror, do whatever you need to do to keep this at the front of your memory!