How To...Balance Your Mental Health

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I want to start off by saying I’m so excited to be featured on the Fitnatic Living Blog! Today I want to talk about the importance of balancing your mental health and what that means for your future. I am incredibly honored to be able to discuss this topic, as it is a personal passion of mine. Before we get into that, I want to tell you a little bit about the person speaking to you!  


WHO: My name is Tiara Nicole and I am the founding CEO of Nicole’s Network. 

WHAT: I am committed to serving others through my personal testimony and I motivate others to consistently work towards self-development in order to find the freedom in the most authentic version of themselves. 

WHEN: Daily inspiration can be found on my social media pages (handles listed below) with weekly #MotivationalMonday video blogs on my YouTube channel! 

WHERE: Anywhere you need me to be! 

WHY: I believe that if my pain can benefit even just one person, it was worth suffering through! 


Now that you know a little bit about me, it’s time to jump into why you’re reading this post! When you look at the definition of wealth, it includes a financial, mental, physical, and emotional health and finding complete harmony in all of those areas. So many times we seek financial blessings in pursuit of wealth…but it’s so easy to lose every financial blessing because your mental health isn’t in order. If you aren’t mentally prepared for the financial wealth, you aren’t mature enough to handle it which will lead to you losing it. Think about all of the people who hit the lottery and end up further in debt afterwards…that’s why! Now let’s get into how to…balance your mental health!


1.    History can and will repeat itself


When I think about my mental health I have to recognize that history can and will repeat itself. Not only does that refer to repeating within my life, but also within my family history. Both my mother’s father and my father’s mother had been hospitalized for mental health, meaning I’m at high risk for mental health. We often minimize how much mental health can be passed down through genetics, especially if we don’t check those issues in advance. To have grandparents on both sides have struggled to manage their mental health, it becomes incredibly important to me to ensure there’s a great balance in my mental health and placing it as a priority. 


If you have mental health in your family history, it’s important to take a proactive approach to understanding you are at risk. Please keep in mind, family members you may have never met can contribute to your mental health DNA, it’s genetics whether you knew them or not. Even if you don’t have mental health struggles in your family history, your own struggles can begin to repeat itself if left unchecked. It is absolutely critical to ensure that your mental health risks are being addressed…


2.    Recognize your mental health triggers


Everyone has particular triggers when it comes to their mental health, the quicker you learn to recognize those triggers you can prepare for them and adjust accordingly. Far too many times we overlook our triggers because we’re taught (especially as black men and women) to be tough and just “deal” with the cards you’re dealt. But what if we began to treat our mental health as important as our physical health? 


Think about it. If you randomly began bleeding and you couldn’t figure out the cause? Or if you had really bad cough that you couldn’t get rid of? Or what if you kept vomiting without any ability to control it? You would go find a doctor or go to the emergency room correct? Or even if you didn’t want to go to the hospital you’d begin to apply some home remedies, right? You’d do SOMETHING to seek healing in this illness. Now think about all of the times you started crying and couldn’t figure out the cause? Or the time you had a really bad level of grief that you couldn’t get rid of? Or what if you kept getting depressed without any ability to control it? Did you find a doctor? Did you seek help? Did you apply any home remedies? Or did you simply shake it off as if you didn’t have a right to feel that way? 


3.    Create a self-care routine


One of the most important things that I have built into my life is my self-care routine and ensuring that my mental health is a priority. Whenever I feel myself beginning to get overwhelmed or sad I drop everything and listen to the things that my body, mind, and spirit is telling me. What does your self-care routine look like? Need help creating one? Here are some of my favorite suggestions: bi-weekly massages, beginning the day with alone time w/ God, weekly sabbaths, maintaining my physical appearance (hair, nails, etc), and controlling my time and who/what I invest my time/energy into. 


Whatever that self-care routine looks like for you…stick to it! Determine what is important to you and what you need to remain sane in this world and make a conscious effort to stick to it. Most importantly do not allow others to pull you away from the routine that you have put in place for yourself. One thing I’ve learned is that if you do not plan your time or money…someone else will plan it for you. Even if it means saying “no” to those you love and care for, saying “yes” to yourself is more important!


4.    Seek help


There are going to be challenges in life you simply cannot handle on your own. Not being able to handle those issues on your own does not make you weak or a failure of any sort, nor does it make you untrusting of God. Seeking help is using the resources God has made available to you. My biggest recommendation when looking for a therapist is to find someone who shares your racial identity, gender, and if possible has experience working with the particular issues you’re dealing with. Most don’t even realize that a major of health insurance plans will provide free mental health within your network. So, what other excuses are there? 


5.    Protect your peace


Now that you have found balance in your mental health, you’re going to have to protect your new-found peace. Living a peaceful life isn’t something that comes by accident, it takes intentional effort to protect your peace. You may have to turn your phone off (or my favorite putting it on airplane mode), log off social media (or unfollow a few folk), spend some time alone with yourself and God, or whatever it takes to ensure your peace is protected. No matter what, you are responsible for your peace and that includes having the courage to protect it! 



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