How To...Accept Change

            In an ever-changing world, we have to learn how to accept change because it’s a natural part of our lives. We can either get on board and accept the change or we can fight against the change that’s going to happen anyway. Save yourself the frustration and learn to not only accept change but embrace it as a part of life. Once you begin to embrace change and seek it out, you will begin to develop and grow on a consistent basis…and that’s what we’re all about yes? So I wanted to spend some time talking about accepting change and not just why we should, but provide practical steps to making this goal a reality.


1.     Stop fighting it

When you realize that change is inevitable and truly understand that reality…you’ll stop working so hard to avoid it. We have limited time and energy as it is, why waste energy working on something you cannot accomplish when instead you can be using that energy to adjust to the changes. I can be honest and say that I have not always been receptive to change and there are times when I have to remind myself to let it go. But what I have learned is that the peace that comes with accepting change and just adjusting as necessary is better than the wasted energy.

We have so many things on our plates these days and limited energy to spare (I know I can’t be the only one…right?) so preserving our energy and protecting our peace have to be a conscious decision on a daily basis. Until you create positive habits so that this can be your new normal, you’ll have to make conscious decisions. Unfortunately our subconscious has been programmed to be resistant to change and that’s just not a healthy experience for us.

2.     Learn to go with the flow

Every time I’ve found myself resisting change I realized I wasn’t going with the flow of life and trusting that it’s all going to work out in the end. Change may be difficult to accept sometimes but it’s a healthy part of growth and has some very clear benefits. We’ve already talked about peace being. Benefit of accepting change, but there is also development, flexibility, and perseverance that come as a result of accepting change. Learning to go with the flow will allow you to excel in any given area because you are developing the skill set necessary to be resilient.

It’s not always easy to go with the flow because we’re always fighting so hard to have control over our lives that we don’t even want to allow the universe to make changes. Sometimes change is scary because we are unsure of what the change could mean for us, but what if the change was the best thing for you? You’ll never know until you go with the flow!

3.     Look for the positive

Far too many times our initial reaction is to see the bad in everything and it becomes difficult for us to even see potential good in a change. Is the glass half full? Is the glass half empty? Or do you recognize that the glass is refillable? Your perception on a situation has the power to change it for better or for worse, because perception is reality. I remember the day I found out that my area of responsibility at work was going to be changed, when I tell you I had a 3 week temper tantrum!

Looking back I realize that I was afraid of failing in a new environment I was unfamiliar with and it was a scary adjustment. I had gotten comfortable where I was and didn’t know how to succeed in the new area and under a different manager whom I’d struggled under before. However I had to realize that the change was already happening and didn’t need my approval, so I had to go with the flow. And the moment I began to look for the positive in this new area of responsibility, things began to get a little better for me.

In everything that we do, we have to look for the positive perspective and ensure that we’re making efforts to adjust our perspective if necessary. Believe it or not, being positive is not our natural defense for most of us…it takes work sometimes but it’s certainly worth it! Just give it a try and see how much your life changes in that given area.

4.     Seek out change

Without change you become stagnant in life and although it’s a common thing it’s not a good thing to be! If you’re serious about your growth and development it will require change. How can you resist the one thing that’s going to help you become a better person? If you do not change you will look back on your life and it will be filled with regrets because you have not lived up to the potential that you KNOW is inside of you.

Don’t know what you need to change? Ask those around you what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses, it will be a humbling experience. The people you spend the most time around will be able to tell you exactly who you are and if you don’t like the answers…you now know where you need to start. If you receive answers that you don’t agree with, that means who you think you are and the person you’re showing the world are different people. When I asked those I’m closest to and have known the longest, I was able to see myself through their eyes. Because I encouraged them to be honest, I knew immediately what I needed to improve upon and I received confirmation on the things I’d been making progress on.

5.     Take life one step at a time

You cannot control the future and you cannot change the past, live in the very moment you’re in and accept it for what it is. Depression is a result of spending too much time thinking about the past and anxiety is a result of spending too much time thinking about the future, so if you’re dealing with either of those feelings consistently, you are not living in the present. Make every effort possible to be present because you can have great impact on what’s currently happening, so focus your energy there. When you’re feeling overwhelmed in life, sometimes one day at a time is all you can handle (Heck one hour at a time), and that is okay. Make the best decision you can make at that very moment and build from there.

Fighting change isn’t going to change the past or future, it’s simply going to make the present more difficult for you to bare. Be willing to grow and develop throughout life while protecting your peace along the way! After all, you deserve to have peace within every area of your life, so stop creating mayhem that isn’t necessary.