How To...Discover Your Purpose

            I have to admit that the outline of this post comes from my amazing pastor who I’ve had the honor of growing up under, Pastor Jenkins. One Sunday he preached on the 5 Ps to finding your purpose and I want to share those and expand on them based on my journey towards my purpose.

1.     Passion

I firmly believe that everyone has at least one burning passion inside of them that gives them the motivation and drive to move forward. Find your passion(s) and run freely in that direction. You passion is a combination of the answer to the following questions:

What are you good at?

What makes you happy?

What does this world need?

2.     Possibilities

If you look very closely in your life, your true purpose is something you’ve had the opportunity to do, probably on a regular basis. If it’s something you’re meant to do, there will be plenty of possibilities for you to do just that. This doesn’t mean the road to your purpose will be easy, it’ll simply be possible.

3.     Provision

Provision speaks to the financial ability to fund your purpose, which is never easy. Sometimes it requires significant sacrifices in order to be able to fund your dreams and passions, but it’s always worth it. If something is your true purpose, money wont become a permanent barrier standing in your way.

4.     Player haters

When I first heard this message, I found it ironic that he considered this an indication of your going in the right direction. However, as I’ve begun to discover my purpose I now see exactly what he meant. I’ve never had so many people tell me what I should be doing, how I should be doing it, and what they feel I should NOT be doing. But I have a firm understanding of my purpose and I refuse to let naysayers distract me from my true purpose.

5.     Partners

Having the right partners in place will allow for guidance, accountability, support, and motivation. I believe it’s critical to have mentors to guide you and hold you accountable as someone who’s gotten where you aim to go. Learn from the lessons they’ve learned over the years to better understand and develop from there. It’s important to have friends and family around to give support and motivation when you need it most. When all else fails, be your biggest supporter and your loudest cheerleader!